Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance is something that is not taken too much seriously by pet parents all over the world. In fact, there are quite a number of pet parents who either do not know much about pet insurance or have some misconceptions about the same. Let us discuss some of the myths that go round about pet insurance and the reality.

Myth 1 – No insurance is available for older pets

This is one of the most common myths that people believe about pet insurance. However, the reality is that just because you have an older pet that is not reason enough to deter you from enjoying an insurance coverage. Companies offering insurance policies for pets usually issue separate policies for the pets which are of 8 or 10 years of age or beyond, provided you have your pet(s) regularly checked up by your vet. The difference between policies meant for pets less than 8 –10 years of age and that for those over that age range is that for the later you need to pay more premiums. Hence, if you like to avoid paying more premiums, then it is wise to insure while your pet is younger and healthier so that you can get maximum coverage for some inevitable situations.

Myth 2 – It is wastage of money to insure on a pet which is healthy

This is another extremely callous concept that people should get rid of. Because your pet is keeping up well does not necessarily mean that you need not insure it. On the contrary, it is best to insure when your pet is well for in that way you will be able to insure at a time when your pet is not suffering from any pre existing ailment that might shoot the premium up. Make a point that you are not going for pet insurance only when you are in desperate need for it. Do not wait until you pet gets older or fall ill. Insure in advance to reap the maximum benefit of it.

Myth 3 – It is best to insure only after the pet recovers from its present condition

This is another very common misconception that people suffer from. If your per is seriously ill that it is a different issue altogether. However, if not there is no relation between going for a pet insurance and the present condition of the pet that is prevailing. For example, if your cat is running a temperature or your dog has cut its leg that should not deter you from going for an insurance policy and getting a full coverage.

Myth 4 – It is worth to insure a pet which is active or the one which is older and is prone to problems

This is another misconception that people have about pet insurance. While it is a fact that if your pet is old it will obviously ask for more intricate medical attention than the one which is not that old. However, that does not imply that just because your pet is not old or it is not unwell, you will not insure it. For if you opt for insuring it when it is old or it is seriously ill, it may well be too late.