In the trading business, a decade earlier, it was an inconceivable thought that the implementation of internet can do the miracle of this scale. In the trading sector, there is an enormous role that internet is playing and will play for a long time. The online marketing has been around for quite a while but the trading and doing business through internet is really an amazing idea. Companies throughout the world are getting started in this new mission of theirs to accommodate their clients the online marketing facility and some other services. There is no restriction that the companies with marketing facility only can avail the service of internet. But the fact is that, any company with any kind of service they may be offering too their clients can seek the help of internet to grow their business in certain margin. YKtrader is a company which is also taking the help of internet to cater to its clients the amazing service they provide.

About the company

YKtrader is a company that is based on the soil of Canada. The company is a classified company. That main aspect of the company is that, this company is operated on the means of website and paper. The classified company offers many kinds of classified advert9sements in Canada. The main priority of the company is to provide the safe and true classified advertisements to the Canadians. The online and the paper based publication of the classified advertisements are really very good reason behind the success for which the classifieds have been published. There are also some other unique features about the company. The most unique thing is that the company and the website offer the free posting of classified ads. But in this context, it is necessary to mention the fact that, not all ads are free of cost. There are some categories and certain facts that make some advertisements subjected for a charge. But the charge is not so much and out of affordability. While form the other end, the users of the site can easily log into the site and reply to the ads he or she thinks appropriate for the without any charges whatsoever. The website is perfect for the finding of the recycled or used material and making use of them afterwards.

One of the other facts is that, the website also offers some non-profit organisations to post the information about the community events and other cultural programs in the classified sector free of cost. But there are some minimal restrictions involved in the matter. A local Canadian directory for the local business, local restaurant, local giveaways are also available in the YKtrader website. The first launching of the website happened in the year 2005 in Yellowknife and then soon afterwards owned by the local citizens.

The advertisements

There are a lot of various topics that one can post in this classified website. Though this site is best used for the recycled and used products, there are other many sections also available in which users can post ads. The advertisements range from the rent of house to the selling of a house. The other sections include the advertisements of the selling of the used vehicles also. There are a lot of vehicles that one may find like the cars, jeeps, trucks, motorcycles or bikes and even the snowmobiles. The parts and the accessories are available in the site. There are also ads about the job openings in the local region, the pet services, the commercial services, hiring or renting of boats and some other ads. This is the one stop classified website for the Canadians.