White Van Man

The myth surrounding the white van man has been long hogging the limelight and we have all heard stories of how these careless drivers zoom past the others in the highway without caring for the traffic lights or rules. The term white van man came into existence in the year 1997 and since then it has been used to describe the drivers who are ready to break all traffic rules and drive carelessly on the road.

The government has launched various awareness programs for the drivers so that they are reigned in and callous driving brought to an end. Well, the government initiative has been more aligned towards safety and fuel savings and the outcome of these programs have been really positive.

White van man are just normal people like you and me but when they are on the driver’s seat, they tend to forget that the road belong to all and not just them. The government agencies and police are trying their best to educate the drivers about the importance of safety and they are also being given various incentives for abiding by the rules. The white van man was always a myth which from time to time has resurfaced in the form of rouge drivers who care less for the other vehicles on the road.