Stock trading is an extremely risky affair and irrespective of your expertise in stock trading and years of experience under your belt, no one can guarantee that you will win. And if you are trying your luck in penny stock trading the risk is all the more pertinent. The stocks h value of which is less than $1.00 a called Penny Stocks. Unlike the pink sheet stocks, penny stocks are not traded in the reputed exchanges and this makes penny stock trading all the more risky.

That is the reason prior to penny stock trading a lot of home work needs to be done. Though no structured information in available regarding the penny stocks, once you have zeroed on a particular company to put your stakes on, you need to do a thorough research on the company. The research should include the financial status of the company, the tenure of the company in the industry, the future plans, and the prospects of the product and service of the company and most importantly, the behavior of the stocks over a particular period of time vis-à-vis the performance of the company during that period. All these are to be evaluated from a rational point of view before investing. There should be no room for any emotional move – instead instincts should play a pivotal role.

Another way of gaining a formidable experience before risking the stakes is paper trading. The process includes an exact simulation of live trading except for the fact that the trading is done on paper, calculating the gains or losses on paper on the basis of hypothetical investment.

Still, thanks to the volatility and uncertainty of the penny stocks, assistance of an experienced and seasoned stock broker should always be taken. That person will be guiding the investor right through the transactions from the start till the end. He wills disclose all the details about the companies, their performance and the behavior of the stocks depending upon the performance and most importantly when to purchase and when to get rid of the stocks. Remember, in stock trading, especially in case of penny stock trading it is utterly important to know when to get rid of the stocks at the right nick of time to minimize loss in the event of a stock crash.

You will also have the read the market and foresee the trend well in advance to get an edge over your competitor. You need to listen to the buzz and get tips from out of air and these things will be able to guide you in a great way in gauging the situations and foreseeing things well in advance. This will help you to purchase stocks in a timely manner and sale them off in a timely manner as well. A smart sense of timing is your best friend in stock trading – and in penny stock trading, things are no different.