Rusalka Dnistrova Museum-Department of Lviv Art Gallery

Rusalka Dnistrova Museum-Department of Lviv Art Gallery is considered to be a part of Lviv art gallery that is situated in the tower of the Holy Spirit-the baroque monument of the 18th century. Rusalka Dnistrova features the history of Ukrainians of Halychyna and the work of Ruthenian Trinity Public And Cultural Group. The Rusalka Dnistrova Museum and the Monument of Markiyan Shash-Kevych were opened in 15th September, 1990.

The exhibition of Rusalka Dnistrova Museum-Department of Lviv Art Gallery gets under way on the bell tower of the church of the Holy Spirit which presents the architectural beauty of 18th century. The young Slavonic enthusiasts managed to publish the art literature of Rusalka Dnistrova Museum in 1837. The book or the document about the Museum was published in Buda Printing shop of Pest University. The exhibition of the museum presents the original copy of the Rusalka Dnistrova almanac along with its background and publishing history.

The bell tower of the former church of the Holy Spirit is presently known as Rusalka Dnistrova. The tower was the bell tower of Greek Catholic Church of Holy Spirit. The Greek Catholic church was rebuilt in 19th century from the baroque Roman Catholic Church of the barefoot Carmelites. During the Second World War the Greek Catholic Church was destroyed and only its bell has been preserved since then. The museum artifacts were added in the year 1987.

Rusalka Dnistrova Museum-Department of Lviv Art Gallery is housed in the stone building. The building is three-tiered, with a baroque top and vases hung from stone standings at the corners. Each of the tiers is featured with pilasters and semi-columns and the windows have circular tops. A clock is placed on the tower. This unique clock located on the Belfry’s tower was constructed in 17th century by Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky at Manyava Monastery and was introduced to Lviv in the late 18th century. The clock operation was refurbished in 2000’s. In 1783 the Holy Spirit Church was handed over to the Greek Catholic Theological Seminary. The well-known activists of the Ukrainian culture, the member of the Ruthenian Trinity Markyian Shashkevych, Ivan Vahylevych studied at this seminary.

Rusalka Dnistrova Museum-Department of Lviv Art Gallery houses the history of research, journalistic, literary and publishing activities of Ruthenian Trinity. The exposition present features the publication history of the Rusalka Dnistrova-the first almanac of Halychyna printed in Pest. The museum is located at 40, Copernicus Street, tel-72-47-96 and remains open every day from 11 am-4pm, except Mondays and Tuesdays.