Lviv Puppet Theater

The Ukrainian city of Lviv is well known for its history and culture in entire Europe. Since the dawn of the Jewish settlement in the region in the 13th Century, the place grew up to become a major center of Cultural Revolution. Arts in all its forms - literature, language, science and knowledge, reached their respective pinnacle of glory with the passage of time. Today, Lviv Puppet Theater is one institution that carries forward that legacy. Established in the year 1946 at the D. Halystkvi Avenue, the theater has developed itself into a unique center of cultural performances.

The very first puppet performance held in this theater was that of a Ukrainian fairy tale called “Ivasyk-Telesyk”. It was mainly based on the puppets and performances by the Moscow Puppet Theater of Serhi Obraztsov. The first show and the story of “Ivasyk-Telesyk” were so successful and popular that even after 65 years, it is as popular as it was on the first day. It is regularly performed on stage and has become the trademark of the theater.

More than 200 performances have enchanted the hearts people over ages and Ivasyk has so far invited many fairy tales like “Snow Queen”, “Rikky-Tikki-Tavy”, “Koza-Dereza”, “Rimtimti Bear”, “Pinocchio”, and “Wild Swans”. But it will be a mistake on our part if we think Lviv Puppet Theater to be simply for kids. It has staged special shows for the adults as well. “Bid avid Nizhnoho Sertsia” (Sorrow from a Tender Heart) by V. Solohub and “Nich pid Rizdvo” (The Night before Christmas) by M. Gogol, “Mademoiselle Nitush” by H. Mellhac and A. Millo, “Catchthe moment of Success” by K. Ryzhov, “Trouble on the Gentle Heart” by V. Sologuv are few of the successful productions aimed at  the matured audiences.

The shows that are performed here for the adult audience are not only diverse but at the same time quite unique as well. They represent and highlight the basic desires and pains of the modern human society and its perspectives revolving the socio-economic and cultural development. The joys, sorrows, pains, revenge, love, hatred, seduction, wisdom and power of forgiveness all have been portrayed through these wonderful productions.

However as one can apprehend, the kid’s productions have dominated the Lviv Puppet Theater mostly with classic folk and literary fairy tales from around the world being staged quite frequently. Truly speaking the objective of establishing this puppet theater has been quite successful in its mission since the founders and the present day authorities have wonderfully entertained the minds of the young by staging classic and popular fairy tales which help them fanaticize beautiful stories and morals of life. More than 200,000 spectators visit Lviv Puppet Theater every year and sooth their inner soul with innocence and imagination.