Insurance Leads

Insurance lead is probably the most debated and discussed topics over the past few years. Insurance agents would do just about anything to get a lead and for this they waste a lot of time and money. Traditional way of lead generation is no more applicable as the competition in the market is really high and with every passing day it has been increasing. Earlier cold calls followed by a confirmation from the customer was considered as a lead but nowadays there are numerous ways though which insurance leads are being generated. The latest lead generation technique to have taken the market by storm is the online insurance leads.

There are several companies that offer insurance leads database by capturing leads over the internet. Internet marketing companies are using Search Engine optimization (SEO) techniques to rank their websites on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. They tend to display information pertaining to a variety of insurance policies and whenever a customer enquires about anything related to the insurance companies or the policies, their contact details are stored in the database. These leads are then sold at bulk rates to various insurance companies. Now, it is up to the insurance companies to send in their agents and convince the customers into buying a policy.

Insurance leads are also generated with the help of online advertisement campaigns run by various internet marketing companies. This method is really effective as the companies try to ensure highest number of clicks on their ads and store all the details of the visitors in their database. Again this database is sold to individual insurance agents or insurance companies for further processing.

Since the same insurance leads are forwarded to multiple insurance companies and agents, it tends to intensify the competition among insurance agents. Often it has been seen that the agents end up using outrageous and shady methods to break a deal. This is a very common complaint against the agents who try every trick in the book to get the insurance leads into signing up for their policies. Lead generation methods do not have a problem but the lead screening process is not very efficient and this results in bad leads. Often bad leads augers into a no-compensation scenario for the insurance agents who have already invested a huge amount of time and energy in their try to close the lead.

Thus, it is very important for the insurance agents as well as the insurance lead generation companies to screen the leads before going ahead with closing them.