Hybrid Cars

The future of the automobile industry lies in the development of environment friendly and cost efficient cars. Now, hybrid cars are just the right vehicles that not only have the sporty look but they can use both the gas and electric power to pave the way for cleaner and environment-friendly vehicles.

The acute shortage of oil is hitting the economy of every country in the world and we all know that the supplies could dry up by the middle of this century. We need to look at alternative fuel sources so that we not only save the world from the future oil crisis but also vehicles that have minimum negative impact on the environment. The rise in the popularity of hybrid cars seems to be the perfect solution that people around the world had been looking for. As the popularity of these cars keep growing, people are certainly going to realize the advantages attached to their usage.

Let us try to understand a little more about the hybrid cars and their working.

Hybrid cars use a combination of multiple technologies like gas propulsion system and electric propulsion system. The basic parts of these hybrid cars are similar to the gas cars. For instance there is a fuel tank, transmission and gasoline engine. The only difference lies in the fact that these cats also have an electric motor and in a few models there is also a generator which works in tandem with the gasoline engine to keep running the transmission.

There are different ways in which the hybrid cars work.

If we are to look at the functioning of a parallel hybrid system then we can find that both the electric motor as well as the gasoline engine is joined to the transmission. The car can alternate between the two and at times use both together. The electric motor is used to power the car while driving at lower speeds and after reaching a certain speed the car switches over to the gasoline engine, so as to provide the necessary power.

There are other hybrid cars that use the series hybrid system. Here the gasoline engine is put to use for powering the generator. The generator in turn charges the batteries that provide power to the electric motor. Now, the electric motor starts the transmission to move the car. The gasoline engine is never used directly in the cars that use series hybrid system.

All the governments around the world are promoting the use of hybrid cars and in the coming years, we are going to see a surge in the sales.