Holiday Insurance

As the name suggests holiday insurance is essentially meant to protect people from various types of eventualities and untoward incidents while they are enjoying their vacations and holidays. This type of insurance is particularly important for those people who have a knack of travelling a lot during their holidays to other countries or places or have the habit of attending high risk extreme sports like river rafting, skiing, snowboarding or those who just to love chill it out on beaches.

Holiday Insurance comes in handy in cases when people face various types of financial crisis resulting from unexpected incidents. These incidents may range from comparatively minor incidents like delays of a trip, cancellation or delay of flights to relatively major incidents like theft or loss of baggage or luggage, damage of belongings to more serious incidents injury or deaths caused due to accidents and natural disasters and medical costs incurred for the same. Holiday insurance protects the policy holders and the members of their family who have accompanied them in the tour. However, there are policies which cover the family members even if they are not accompanying the policy holder in their tours. This particular type insurance insures the entire tenure of the holiday.

Now let us look into the types of holiday insurance packages that are available

1. Single Trip Insurance

This is the most popular and accepted variety of holiday insurance. It is an extremely flexible type of package that takes care of all the requirements of the travelers. As the name suggests it provides insurance for only the one side of the trip.

2. Back Packer Insurance

This is a variety of economy class travel and holiday insurance for individuals who have the habit of traveling all over Europe and the rest of the world.

3. Annual Holiday Insurance

This variety of holiday insurance takes part of an entire holiday all through the year. This variety of insurance is particularly appropriate for those individuals who have a habit of taking multiple vacation each year and traveling to other countries and having fun.

4. Ski Holiday Insurance

The name of this holiday insurance is self explanatory. It is meant for those who have a knack of taking part in extreme high risk sports like skiing, during vacation. The coverage includes mountain rescue acts, chopper revival, air ambulance service and other related issues so that the participant can feel assured of and fully aware of all the coverage areas before taking part in the sports.

5. Snow Boarding Holiday Insurance

This variety of Holiday Insurance has resemblance with Ski Holiday Insurance that deals with includes mountain rescue acts, chopper revival, air ambulance service and other related issues. However, the only difference is that it is concerned with snowboarding sports.