First Aid Kit

We should all take a pledge that we have first aid kit at every home in the country. The emergency first aid kit is an absolute necessary to handle medical emergencies. The kit should contain all the necessary items needed to provide first aid to victims before they are taken to the hospital for further treatment. First aid treatment can be a life saver in case of accidents where the injury causes too much blood loss or pain.

A standard first aid box contains the following items:

  • Bandages – These would help you to bandage the wounds and cuts
  • Sterile dressing – Another really important medical supply that helps to dress the wounds and avoid infection
  • Roller gauge bandage – The roller gauge bandage are made to clear the deeper wounds and stop the blood from spilling out
  • Gauge Pads – These gauge pads are especially made to treat serious wounds
  • Cohesive bandage – This is made to seal the wound after treatment
  • Antiseptic creams – Absolute necessity in treating cuts and bruises
  • Antibacterial creams – This will help the infection from spreading
  • Scissors – Needed to cut the gauge, bandages and adhesive tapes
  • Tweezers – Required to take out foreign object from inside the affected area

There are a few other things that are often included like painkillers and sprain ointments for providing temporary relief from pain. If you are not yet sure as to what you need to pack or lack the time to get into the details of a first aid kit, you can place an order for the same at the nearest medical stores. There are several medical companies that sell readymade first aid kit and customers can place online orders for them.