Erie Insurance

Eerie Insurance is one of the most high profile insurance companies of United States that offer multi line insurance packages to its customers. The types of insurance that Eerie Insurance group provides include home insurance, vehicle insurance, life & commercial insurance through its vast network of branches and independent agents who are operating in as many as eleven different states and in the District of Columbia other than Eerie. The states where the group operates include Tennessee, Maryland, Wisconsin, New York, Illinois, Ohio, and Virginia.

At present, Erie Insurance enjoys the topmost ranking amongst various automobile insurance providers, from the point of view of client satisfaction and effectiveness & professionalism of the service they offer. In fact, in the entire United States, Eerie Insurance stands to be the 48th largest group of corporate companies in terms of revenue earning, according to 2010 version of the famous magazine ‘Fortune’.

Eire Insurance also stands out to be the 22nd largest insurer of casualty or property in terms of surplus policy holders. The company is also 19th largest is terms of total net premium lines written.

The company has in excess of 2000 various agencies working in various locations and over four million policies for vehicles, homes and commercials. When it comes to life, annuity and disability, Eire Insurance has as many as 313,000 active and operational.

Of all the varieties of insurances that this group offers, the most noted one is car insurance. Car insurance of the company offers a number of lucrative benefits which make the insurance so exceptional. Eire Insurance associated with cars provide absolutely free of cost road side support over a 24x7 basis. As and when a vehicle gets disabled the policy holder can call the 24 x7 helpline of Eire Insurance for towing service which is always dispatched to the site of the mishap at the earliest. The promptness of the service along with its user friendly terms and conditions make the service so popular amongst the policy holders. Along the tow truck they also dispatch a technician who will look into the issue and if possible resolve it then and there so that the car can continue its journey. If not possible, he will assist to take the vehicle to the nearest auto repair shops to have the issue resolved. In case the vehicle has got a flat tyre, the same road side assistance will come to the aide for replacement of tyre.

If your car does not start in a cold winter morning or otherwise, a technician from the Eire Insurance will just be a phone call away.