The concept of e-learning and e-classes have gained tremendous popularity over the last decade or so. Various types of e-learning curriculums have been designed by various countries to impart distance education as well as adult education in various countries. The concept has particularly gained popularity because it helps spreading education in even the remote parts of a country. The concept has also helped in spreading education amongst people in developing as well as under-developed countries though one school of thought still is skeptical about the concept, citing not all in the developing and under developed countries can afford to have internet connectivity and computers.

All said and done, the concept of e-learning has given rise to e-degree wherein the incumbents are offered degrees over internet after successful completion of these e-courses. These online courses can be undertaken as per the choice of the students, and as per their conveyance. This is why these online degrees are becoming increasingly popular amongst the students as they can be attained over distance education without disrupting the regular education and profession which earn some of the students, pocket money.

Various universities all around the world are offering various online degrees to the students and are designing online courses for that. These degrees are as valuable as their conventional counterparts and are opening up scopes for students to take up attractive professions and high paid jobs.

Technically speaking these online degrees are referred to as academic degrees that are usually offered by colleges and universities. However, at times, the term also includes diplomas offered by high schools and various non-degree certificate programs and curriculums that the students can earn primarily or entirely through various online educational programs with the use of a computer having internet connectivity. These online courses do not require students to attend classes physically in a conventional college or school campus setting. Tremendous improvements in internet technology over the last decade or so, the increasing worldwide use of Internet, coupled with the growing need of people to have flexible schedules in schools and colleges that help them to continue with their profession and earn while studying have giver remarkable proliferation and popularity of these online colleges and universities that award various types of online associate, master, bachelor, as well as doctoral degrees to the students upon successful completion of online curriculums.