Car Insurance Quotes Online Ontario

The Ontario law makes it mandatory for a car owner to purchase car insurance to protect the owner as well as the car against damages caused during an accident. Rates charged by the insurance companies in Ontario may differ from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, so it is imperative that proper comparison of car insurance quotes online Ontario is carried out prior to the purchase.

Third party liability insurance covers the driver as well as the car against damages caused to the property, car or life of other individuals. Legal claims and payment under the policy limits are covered by this insurance. In Ontario $200,000 is the minimum limit for Third-Party Liability coverage. In accordance with the Ontario Insurance Act, it is mandatory for all policies to include accident benefit coverage. The different types of accident benefit coverage include Income Replacement, Caregiver Benefit, Non-Earner Benefit, Medical and Rehabilitation Benefits, Attendant Care Benefit, and Funeral Expenses & Death Benefits. Apart from these a car owner can even opt for the Uninsured automobile coverage, Direct Compensation Property Damage and “No-Fault” Car Insurance. All the details related to the car insurance can be availed through car insurance quotes online Ontario.

It is important to find the company that provides the lowest rates in Ontario but the task becomes a little overwhelming with almost everyone blowing their trumpets of unmatchable low rates. Car insurance quotes online Ontario is the only way to find out the exact premium rates that car owners have to pay for a particular car insurance policy. Car insurance quotes online Ontario facilitates the comparison of rates from a different Ontario insurance company. Low rates can be easily found out by availing free, instant real time quotes.

A car owner needs to provide information like the number of drivers, make and model of the car, year of manufacture, name of the policy holder and SSN number to request car insurance quotes online Ontario. Typically it takes around 15 minutes to an hour for the quotes to be delivered. These can be later compared to find the best available rate in the market.