Car Insurance Quotes Online Canada

Securing an ideal car insurance policy in Canada will be a breeze if answers to five basic questions are sought. If the insurance buying experience has to be turned comfortable, then do try to explore straightforward answers to all the questions. Car Insurance Quotes Online Canada will definitely make the choice better.

The Five Car Insurance Quotes Online Canada related questions:

1. Is there any difference between a broker and an agent?

People get confused when it comes to exploring the different ways to buy an insurance policy. It’s important to know that there are three ways to shop around for insurance. These include through agent, broker or directly from the company. Approaching an insurance company is an obvious choice. The other two ways are however a little confusing because it might be difficult to understand the difference between two. Agent typically works for one specific insurance firm and sells its products. He or she possesses good understanding of the product. A broker also sells policies, but of multiple insurance firms. Therefore, a broker can help in finding out a suitable company and policy for the buyer.

2. Are Car Insurance Quotes Online Canada completely reliable?

Resorting to online resources to get a number of quotes from different insurance provider saves a lot of time. However, some people believe that these quotes are not reliable. In order to ensure accuracy of the quotes, the buyers need to provide correct details while filling up the online form. Don’t hide any information related to bad driving record, driving habits etc. Nevertheless, a few adjustments in the quotes might be required depending on some more details that are to be furnished later.

3. Does car insurance provide coverage for friends driving my car?

Anybody can drive the owner’s car, provided he or she has authentic driving license. They will get the cover if they meet the basic rules of the policy. However, if anything happens to the person driving the car, the owner will be held responsible for it. The insurance rate may increase if a friend or family member happens to commit an accident. Even if the offending driver is covered under his or her own policy, the owner will have to make a claim on the policy. The coverage amount can be denied if that person doesn’t meet the licensing laws.

4. How long until you need to buy auto insurance?

Usually a grace period of 14 days is provided to inform the insurance companies about a car purchase. This is applicable to both new and used cars. The same thing applies to whether the owner wants to buy a new policy or get the new car covered under the existing policy. The buyer has to ensure that the insurance company does the verification of the policies.

5. Can I look for other car insurance companies for better rates before renewal date?

Yes. It will help the buyer save money. However, while switching the policy from one company to another before it ends; proper communication needs to be maintained with the old company. These include cost of new policy at a new firm and cancellation penalty charges, etc. Car Insurance Quotes Online Canada will give an idea about how much this whole process will cost and what the savings would be.