Car Donation

The old adage “Charity begins at Home” has been provided a new twist with car donation gaining popularity in the US. People are now redefining it in their own way by changing the adage to “Charity begins with Car Donation”. Car donation not only will create a sense of satisfaction for having contributed something towards the betterment of human lives but will also help you to avail substantial tax deduction from the IRS.

Charity car donation or simply car donation is a process wherein you give away your vehicle to a charity organization. The car or vehicle that you donate might not be in a great condition but the charity organization would get it repaired and use for their organizational activities. There are a few organizations, which even auctions away the car to raise fund for charities. Either way, you will eventually become a positive contributor to the charity’s cause.

Prior to finalizing your car donation, it is imperative to find out a little about the charity organization. The significance of this research is justified because you will always want to ensure that the car or the money from its auction is put to proper use. There are several national and international charity organizations that put up advertisements for car donation and when you have a list of such organizations, it is easier for you to finalize the donation.

The car that you donate can be used by the organization for a variety of their charitable activities like transporting social workers, hospital tests, doctor’s accommodations or transporting aid materials to the people in need. There are many organizations that would auction the donated vehicles in order to raise fund, which will be further used for other charitable causes.

You might have a spare vehicle in your garage – why not donate it? Well, charity organizations are always on the lookout for such vehicles and you can be part of a noble cause by donating your old vehicle. This is probably the easiest way how you can positively contribute something to help the people in need – directly or indirectly. Besides this, your car donation will make you eligible for tax exemptions as all the non-profit organizations receive government grants.

The non-profitable organizations give you an IRS Tax Receipt in lieu of your car donation and you can expect to get an exemption up to $500 for your charity. Once you have made up your mind, contact the charitable organization and ask them for the details pertaining to car donations.

Tax exemptions or not, you will definitely be contributing to a noble cause through your car donation.