Campervan is a modern vehicle that can only be used as a vehicle for travelling but also as an accommodation that can house at least two individuals. If you are an avid traveler and like to take off to different tourist destinations around the country then you can use a campervan for travelling during the day and sleeping in it during the night. Thus, all your worries about finding hotels or rest houses at remote locations can be easily negated by choosing a campervan during your sojourns.

The campervan is popular among travelers around the world and is also known by other names like caravanette, motor-caravan, motor-home, or just camper. Long distance travels can be pretty exhausting but if you are using a campervan then you can park it anywhere and catch some sleep. Your campervan can also save you the money that would have otherwise had to be spent for hotel rooms.

Recreational Vehicles or RVs is also the other name for campervans and people in the United States prefer to call them as RVs. It has been observed that the campervans in the US are much larger in size than the ones available in Europe. These RVs often look like a bus because of their mammoth size and structure. The smaller versions of this vehicle can easily accommodate anywhere between 1 and 4 people but the larger ones can accommodate at least 10.

It is very easy to distinguish the campervans from other vehicles as the coach-built body awkwardly fits into the body of the camper. The roofs often tend to pop out in order to create the extra accommodation facility. This is also the reason why these vans are often known as vans with a high top. These vans can provide accommodation to multiple individuals and this is why they are larger in size and has a fixed roof as well.

All the essential facilities like a bed or shower, which one can find in a hotel room, are available in a campervan. Well, there are campervans that do not have a pre-fitted shower but owners can always get an external shower. The internal shower available with larger vans comes with an awning so one can take a shower in complete privacy and safety of their vehicles. These vehicles also have a grill or microwave fitted into it, so cooking your favorite delicacies is not at all a problem when you are travelling on a campervan. You can expect to see some other facilities if you buy a larger campervan.