Beer Brewing Museum in Lviv

Lviv has lots of unique places to visit. All of them are good enough to attract the tourists. Visiting Beer Brewing Museum in Lviv is like travelling on time machine since the place will make you know about the ancient history of beer brewing. The museum was established and opened for the general visitors on 14th October, 2005. It was opened during the celebration of the first Ukrainian brewery founding. The museum is situated in the semi-basement ground of the Lviv Beer Plant and occupies surface of 600 square meters in total. The Museum is situated in 18 Kleparivska str. It remains open at 10.30 am – 6 pm, from Wednesday to Monday.

The main object of this museum is to get the modern people aware about the ancient history of Lviv beer brewing, by showing the visitors the tradition of brewing of Lviv.
The museum houses ancient, authentic models and instruments that are normally used by the ancient beer brewers and their modern counterparts as well. Not only the instruments, but in Beer Brewing Museum in Lviv one can find a great array of collection of beer barrels and bottles, beer mugs that are used to store and sell drink in different parts of Europe including Lviv. In the museum visitors can notice various types of advertising and publicity samples that are used from the old days to this modern era in order to sell beers.

The museum is considered as one of the most unique tourist spot in Lviv since it attracts the viewers very much. Beer Brewing Museum in Lviv is a place which will be loved not only by the beer lovers but also by general people as well since it offers many unknown facts about the history of beers. The presence of these items makes the place more interesting for the visitors who came to visit the beautiful city of Lviv. The place has lots of interesting things to offer for the visitors. They can enjoy a video about the Lviv Beer Plant. They can also visit the tasting hall of the museum and have sensation of Lviv beer.

Beer Brewing Museum in Lviv is a nice place to visit with family and friends. There is no entry charge for the children below the age of 10, for the youngsters between 10 to 18 years the charge of entry ticket is 5 UAH and for the adults it is 15 UAH. For some special categorized people like students, disables and elderly people, the entrance charge is 10 UAH in Beer Brewing Museum in Lviv.

Tourists from all across the globe come to see the ancient history of this museum to gather the information of how beer brewing has transformed from the old age to the new in Lviv through the Beer Brewing Museum  in Lviv.