Attorneys or lawyers technically speaking are the mouthpiece of the law of a land. In majority of the countries all around the world, especially where a civil law prevails, they take care of the legal issues and help their clients through these affairs. It’s not that a common man cannot take care of his own legal affairs. Legally, he or she can do that. But innumerable twists and turns, nooks and crannies make each and every legal issue so very unpredictable. Therefore, taking care of the legal matter sans the help of any attorney will make things worse. That is why, it is wise to appoint attorneys who will guide people through the legal proceedings and help them emerge a winner at the end of the day. However, that depends upon the ability of the attorney in question and the merit of the case the lawyer has taken up.

In many countries, it has been a common practice to offer the responsibility of taking care of legal affairs to the notaries of civil law, clerks, & scriveners. These countries do not have anything called "lawyers" – a term that describes a profession that provides a particular type or multiple types of legal services to people. Rather, they have people of legal professions that may consist of various kinds of individuals trained in legal affairs. These people are called jurists. Some of these jurists can be advocates who have the license for practicing legal affairs in the Court of Law.

Coming back the lawyers or attorneys, generally speaking there are 10 types of attorneys who are experts in 10 most prominent areas of law. They are:
- Tax Attorneys: As the name suggests, these attorneys take care of legal affairs pertaining the various types of tax and related issues.
- Wills & Estate Attorneys: These professionals are hired by property owners to take care of legal issues pertaining to their assets and properties, wills and related legal issues. They help in passage of assets and properties from one generation to another and other related issues.
- Employment Attorney: These attorneys understandably deals with issues related to employment of their clients that may range from physical and mental harassment in the place of profession, unlawful termination from work to violation of labor laws.
- Criminal Attorney: As the name suggests, these professionals deal with cases related to acts of crime. The deal with cases of adultery, theft, murder, burglary, malpractices, forgery and other acts of crime.

Apart from these three types of attorneys, the other varieties of attorneys who practice various types of cases in the Court of Law include worker's compensation attorney, contract law attorney, social security disability attorney, product liability attorney, personal injury attorney, medical malpractice attorney.