Armenian Cathedral in Lviv

The Armenian Cathedral in Lviv was built in the year 1363-1370. The Armenian cathedral is located in the old town of Lviv, north of the market square. The Armenian cathedral is the historical and architectural monument and the church was established as the mother church of an eparchy.

The construction of cathedral began in 1363 AD by an architect of Doring. The cathedral was designed with Romanesque, gothic style and old glacial architectural elements. It is a part of building complex consisting of cemetery, printing press, Armenian Benedictine monks and archbishop residences from 16th century. The cathedral has three apses and 12 sided tent-shaped domes. In the southern side of the building, there is a open gallery constructed in renaissance style and on the east side there is a portal. The windows are bow-shaped. A belfry of gothic renaissance style was added by the architect Petro Krasovsky. The financers of the Armenian Cathedral in Lviv were two Armenian merchants - Panos from Gaitsarats and Jacob from Caffa. The Armenian cathedral has some similarities with ancient Armenian cathedral of Ani. After the church was destroyed in a city fire a new stone building was constructed in 1571. In 1630 the main nave was extended and further constructed in 1723.

In 1437 the cathedral was surrounded with an arcade gallery. Now the southern part has been preserved and the northern part has been changed into a sacristy. Presently the interior styling and architecture has been done by Jan Henyk Rosen anf Jozef Mehoffer. The cathedral houses two beautiful working icons of St George - the Illuminator and the mother of god. The cathedral was closed during soviet rule and its building was used as a store of sacral arts. The cathedral remained vacant since 1968 and its last supervisor died in Soviet gulag in 1954. It’s after the end of Soviet Union, that some Armenian catholic families tried to reestablish the church but they were not enough to complete the mission. As the result, the local Ukrainian party passed the cathedral to the Armenian apostolic church.

It was in 18th May, 2003 when the Armenian Cathedral in Lviv was consecrated by all catholicons and the Lviv Regional State Administrator passed the key of the church to the Armenian archbishop Grigoris. Lastly catholicons Garegin II did the rituals of opening the doors and sanctified the cathedral.

Nowadays the Armenian Cathedral in Lviv of the Assumption of Mary is thrown open to the visitors and people come to pray, light candles and find solace in god.