Allied Insurance

Allied Insurance has earned for itself an enormous reputation in the insurance sector by providing state of the art insurance products to individuals and commercial houses. Allied strictly believes in customized insurance policies and has built up a strong network of experts and agents to provide the best advice to the clients and help in choosing the perfect insurance for support and compensation. Allied provides peace of mind and absolute insurance solutions in the most perfect way with low premium and quick processing of claims.

Allied offers numerous innovative and customized insurance policies which are not only excellent products but truly useful.

Allied Policies @ a Glance –

1. Motorcycle Insurance – to provide accidental benefits
2. Boat Insurance- to provide boatmen from any accidental damage or life and property
3. ATV & Snowmobile Insurance- policies to cover damage and theft of All terrain vehicles and snowmobiles.
4. Camper & RV Insurance- a number of customized camper and RV insurance are available to protect from road hazards
5. Homeowner’s Insurance- to provide the house from all kinds of damages occurring from fire & lightning, theft, windstorms and hail, freezing or from smoke. There is also an option for coverage of second house or rental unit during requirement. Food insurance for people living in the flood-prone area is truly another most innovative policy.
6. Renter’s Insurance- a unique product to give insurance to the renter’s belongings including furniture, electronic gadgets and others in case of any natural or man -made calamity. All policies are customizable so that what is exactly needed can be provided to the renters. Allied Insurance advisors provide all sorts of help in choosing the best policy.
7. Condominium Insurance- an absolute policy for condominium owners to protect them from against accidents and thefts.
8. Inland Marine Insurance- policies to provide utmost protection to valuable possessions at home like art, jewelry and antiques from damage and theft.
9. Personal Umbrella Insurance- to provide individuals from variety of injuries arising from car accidents, swimming pool or playground injury, dog bites, golf course injuries, accidental falls, etc. Commercial umbrella coverage can also be obtained.

Allied Insurance is one of the most innovative insurance coverage for individuals and organizations for state of the art service with –

1. Customised coverage to cater all sorts of requirements according to the customers problem.
2. Allied Extra Benefits provide much extra when home and auto insurance are bundled together.
3. Cost Savings Discount for good students.
4. On Your Side Rewards program to offer including Accident Forgiveness, Good-as-new-coverage, Roadside assistance etc.
5. ID theft protection to help online safety.
6. Quality customer service for smooth processing and quick claims.
7. Convenient premium payment options so help clients. Online and phone premium payments option are available.
8. Excellent network and infrastructure in insurance management.

Allied Insurance truly presents innovative and excellent insurance options to different sections of people and hence scores above other insurance companies in product range, low cost policy, service and claim management. Allied is a perfect friend.