Accord Mortgages

Accord Mortgages is the dedicated intermediary only subsidiary of UK’s 2nd largest Building society, the Yorkshire Building Society. The company offers both residential products as well as buys to let products. All the products are available only via partners who share the company’s focus on quality and whose businesses are in sync with Accord Mortgages. The partners for the residential businesses do not have access to the Buy to Let products.

Reputation and Track Record

The company has the reputation of providing the best mortgage services in the UK and has a dedicated team that takes care of all customer queries and loan processing quite effectively. Accord Mortgages offers a wide variety of mortgage services, which are in line with the latest mortgage requirements of customers. The impeccable customer management service provided by the company has earned it the reputation of being the most professional mortgage company in UK.

Quality of Credit Counseling Service

Credit counseling is a vital support that is provided by some of the premium finance companies like Accord Mortgages. Accord mortgages offers credit counseling services to its clients. They do so that the loan applicants can take the best course of action regarding the loan. The counselors are really courteous and give a patient hearing to the customers prior to offering their suggestions.

Points and Interest Rates Offered

Accord mortgages offer the best interest rates and points on all its mortgages. There offer both floating as well as fixed interest rates on their mortgages. Flexible repayment period makes the mortgages from Accord a great option for borrowers who are looking for easy ways to repay the loan. The loans also carry points that can be redeemed based on the repayment scheme the borrowers choose. It is imperative that the borrower gets a complete list of the interest rates and the repayment schedule and the counselors will be of great help.

Down Payment and Mortgage Insurance Clause

The down payment and the mortgage insurance clauses are clearly stated to the borrower prior to signing up for a mortgage. It is obvious that borrowers would prefer companies that offer low down payment and affordable interest rates. The borrower also has the option of purchasing mortgage insurance along with the loan. Insurance would be an addition to the cost of loan.

Processing Fees and Other Charges

All the processing and any other related charges are provided to the borrower even before he signs up for the loan. This is in line with the transparency policy that Accord Mortgages has outlined. No hidden charges are piled on the borrowers after they have signed up for the loan. Fees charged by Accord Mortgages are processing fees, underwriting fees, brokerage fees, and closing costs. Customers are provided with proper information about all the fees so that it’s easier for them to calculate the total cost of the mortgages.

Accord Mortgages understands the actual need of borrowers and this is why their plethora of services are perfect for people who are looking towards availing hassle free mortgages.