Acceptance Insurance

Among many other reputed providers of personal automobile insurance institutions in United States, Acceptance Insurance is a leader among them. Having operations in 12 states with 380 retail locations, Acceptance Insurance has earned unparallel faith among people. Besides providing personal automobile insurance, Acceptance Insurance also offers a variety of related products to cater the requirements of the people in insurance sector. To the institution “Acceptance means Value”, so they are committed in providing the best low cost personal automobile insurance products for people irrespective of social and economic status. The Company offers fast and free quotes to the people at the lowest possible rates besides quick processing and payment of claims.

These are the following States where Acceptance Insurance products are available presently –

1. Indiana
2. Missouri
3. Mississippi
4. Ohio
5. Alabama
6. Florida
7. Illinois
8. South Carolina
9. Pennsylvania
10. Texas
11. Tennessee
12. Georgia

Exclusive Insurance products offered by Acceptance Insurance at a Glance –

1. Auto Insurance – Acceptance offers some of the best insurance products in automobile insurance sector. They offer a variety of automobile insurance policies to cater every type of requirements. From basic liability coverage to third party medicinal expenses, claims of damage due to vandalism and theft are fully covered under different policies, which make Acceptance a better choice for automobile owners.

2. Motorcycle Insurance – As automobiles, motorcycle riders need the same kind of benefits from motorcycle insurance policies. Here too, from basic motorcycle liability coverage to other medicinal expenses by third party, theft, fire and damage due to vandalism, all sorts of policies are available to be chosen. A unique $ 2000 insurance of accessory coverage for safety apparels and aftermarket parts is an added feature. Special discounts are offered for military personnel, safety course certificate holders and experienced drivers.

3. Renters Insurance – Another unique insurance policy offered by Acceptance is Renters Policy. This policy is for those people who stay in rented houses. The house may be insured by the property owner but to provide insurance to the renter is very necessity for if some unfortunate incidents like fire occur, while the property owner will get the house insurance benefit, the renter would have to suffer as his furniture, clothing, electronic goods would be destroyed. With the Renter’s policy there can be absolute peace of mind.

4. Acceptance Hospital Benefits – One may have Medical policy from any other insurance company, but Acceptance offers something very new. It offers Accidental death benefit of up to $10,000; One year of hospitalization cost up to $125/day: and excess medical payments up to $10,000.

5. Med Pay – Acceptance Insurance has another innovative policy. I case of accidents, besides the insured person, other family members affected in the accident gets medical benefits. Ambulance costs, Doctor Fees, X ray fees, surgery and even funeral costs are covered under this policy.

Acceptance Insurance has earned for itself good appreciation and has an excellent track-record of smooth payment of claims which makes Acceptance a popular choice among the Americans.