About Us

webUtopia — guide of useful information in layman's terms.

The idea of project creation is based on desire to form a guide of terms, concepts, facts, places of interest etc. that surround people in their everyday life. At that, one of the main goals is to create not just a bare description of well-known book information but give a reader only interesting and actual materials in form of detailed and amusing articles.

For our users convenience, site's format is similar to blogs know and liked by anyone. The site has a handy system of articles search.

Site's articles are not limited with subjects of a definite area, that's why the content is regularly supplemented with new interesting materials.

The project is on stage of active development, that's why we will be glad to receive your reviews and feedback, advices and tips.

If you didn't find an article on subject interesting for you — please, tell us about this using the feedback form on contacts page. We will consider your offer and prepare materials to be placed on the site according to your request among the first.

webUtopia — new concept every day.

Our portal will be interesting and useful for anybody — from schoolchildren who just start to experience the world to professionals of their job who are looking for a new interpretation of known information; from those who prepare to an important report to those who just like to "feed" their mind with new knowledge, expanding in this way their horizons.